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    May 04, 2008


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    Geez. I am going to the States in a couple of months, staying for like 3 years, and that is the reason I stumbled into this blog, to learn about different cultures, hence my nick. But I really want to say that I am considering starting a complaint blog also, you know, just for the sake of cultural differences: how boring it will be, how hot it is in the summer, how cold in the winter, how bad is the food, how uneducated are the people, how disheartening everyone seems to be...


    I will welcome the addition to the blog-o-sphere, and suspect that once you put your thoughts out there for everyone to scrutinize, it may change the way in which you view and comment on the blogs of others. Learning about different cultures is supposed to make us all less judgemental. It is disheartening that this blog is being taken as a "complaint blog" but I very much appreciate the feedback. I strive to just tell things as they happen, and try to find the humor in each situation, and am aware that humor does not always transcend different cultures, particularly with the written word. And then there's my sense of humor... I do not intend to come off as complaining and will adjust my tone as I in no way want to give off this impression. Perhaps it seems that way when I talk about things I did not expect, which always surprise me (even though they should not). That said, I believe that once you put yourself outside of your comfort zone you may find yourself being a bit more compassionate and less judgemental towards my situation and understand it better. Send me the link when you start that blog!

    M :)

    Complaint blog? That's harsh. Isn't writing one of the best ways to get things out of your system?


    Or to just let people know what it is really like here? haha

    M :)

    Should I send you an email and we can vent? :P

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