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    April 06, 2008


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    I'm glad you guys have gotten lucky. Taxi drivers about 50% of the time try to take advantage, be it of Cariocas or tourists. And don't get me started on the ones that try to take you to the jewelry stores. Taking cabs is much more risky, in terms of getting ripped off, if you speak no Portuguese.


    Yeah we generally are quite lucky, but we must really be as my husband is taking them daily to and from work (although I think this post may have jinxed us, he says he is starting to find them tiresome and wants to find another means of getting around) and we have yet to have anyone even be rude let along an "incident"... fingers crossed!


    I should probably mention as well that "where we come from" it is damn near impossible to even get a taxi- up to a half hour wait at any given time (yes, we live in a city... I know it is ridiculous!), which is probably part of why we are so enthralled with the taxi situation here so far!

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