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    April 11, 2008


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    Yes, they are good quality! I have a pair I got in Sao Paulo that I still wear 2 years later. I like A/Z Calzature in Sao Paulo best, although finding my size in Brazil has always been a problem... :(


    Oh, I miss them! But at least I can ask my mom to buy some for me! ;-)
    PS: I was wondering what part of Canada are you guys from? I'm living in Cochrane/Calgary area.


    Thanks for the comments ladies! After my spree last year, I think some of our friends are coming here just for the shoes...


    most female shoes in Brazil are made in my city, Novo Hamburgo (Rio Grande do Sul state).

    Its the main shoe producer city in Brazil, although Paulistas will tell you its Franca. (they THINK it is).

    Novo Hamburgo produces shoes since the 19th century, was the first place in Brazil to export shoes, etc. Even the national association of shoes producers are located here.

    China has been robbing quite a few jobs from Novo Hamburgo and Franca on the other hand. There is a guy here that has 15 shoe factories in China... because chinese labour is even cheaper than brazilian labour (and actually, labour in southern brazil is more expensive than in other parts of the country, so many local factories have also been transfering production to the northeastern states)


    AcesHigh, are there ares in lot of stores in Novo Hamburgo as well? I might have to visit them for research purposes....


    Well, there are. But nothing out of extraordinary thats worth a visit. The city is the center of a shoe PRODUCING cluster (the largest in south america, used to be largest in the world until China surpassed us).

    But since its not a touristic city, there is not really a reason to have many stores and such.

    For example, my girlfriend´s brother-in-law owns a female-shoes factory. But I have never seen his shoes being sold here! Although they are exported and also sold to other parts of the country.

    Thus, if you visit Rio Grande do Sul, go from Porto Alegre directly to Gramado. You will see Novo Hamburgo from the road. But stop in Gramado to do your shopping. :)


    lovely shoes


    Thanks all!

    Jean Hay

    The consumer is still KING. DO NOT BUY shoes copied and made in china. If we do not buy their products, the jobs will eventually return to us. Please help me in the struggle to put some consumer goods back on the shelves that are not made in China.


    You could add a notice to your blog: "Brazil is a country that defends terrorists". Brazilian rulers gave liberty to Cesare Battisti an Italian terrorist that killed 4 (FOUR) persons.
    SHAME OF YOU LULA murders defender.

    Daily Rio Life

    He must have a Brazilian child (Brazil refuses to extradite the parent of a Brazilian child).


    @ Daily Rio Life
    No he hasn't any child in Brazil. He is Italian, he escaped after the trial from Italian prison to France (another country where terrorists are welcome thanks to the ex president Mitterand) and after to Brazil where he was arrested.
    Now Lula seems to behaviour like Mitterand: no fault for those that killed people for the communism.
    Victims' relatives want JUSTICE!!!!

    Daily Rio Life

    Interesting. Curious as to what this has to do with the shoe post?


    Nothing, it's just for information about Brazil, this "wonderful" (?) country.

    Carlos Tadeu Kirnen

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