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    April 03, 2008


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    I've been having great fun reading your blog. It sounds like you just got here, but you're figuring it out quickly.

    Mariu's is fun, especially if you walk there, as my husband and I used to do, on the calcadao. But the more locally popular churrascaria is Porcao Ipanema. You will see fewer tourists there, and the food and atmosphere are just better. A good time to go is on a Sunday afternoon, around 4pm. Of course, that's when everyone goes, so it's a little chaotic, and you'll have to wait in the bar for a table to open up - but that's when it's the most fun. It's great for people-watching.

    Tip: they have just about everything, so don't be afraid to ask for something special - it's no extra charge, and they can bring gorgonzola if you like, camarao com catupiry, baked linguado (a light, white fish), pimenta malegueta, black name it - they'll even chop your salad and serve it in a bowl, if you ask.



    Hi Molly,
    How long have you been here - I assume you are a foreigner as well?
    Thank you for the tip on Porcao - we have heard from a few people that the meat is better there - next time we want to indulge we will have to take it in!
    Thank you for your comment!


    PS We have been here just over one month.

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