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    April 19, 2008


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    The "slow" thing is a typical Rio behavior... they are always 30 min late, anyway. Anywhere from São Paulo to the south, would be better, more efficient, neat, pontual


    Patience is a virtue! When I returned to the States from living in Rio, I got locked out of my own house for 2 hours and the next day my car tire popped and I had to wait 2 more hours for help. It didn't even bother me...I was so at peace and its still true to this day. I thank Rio (and Brazil in general) for that. One day I was faced with a choice, get mad and frustrated at...well, everything they do "wrong" or realize they are just different and give in or go home. I gave in for 6 months, until I ran out of the green!


    I agree, we have a choice to go with the flow or get frustrated. It's a wonderful lesson I am still learning. I try to find some humour or bright side in any situation and hope this is helpful for showing people what to expect.

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