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    March 28, 2008


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    Lisa Kauffmann

    I applaud you for your illustration of a very sad situation here in Brazil.It should NOT be a crime to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The subject of abortion is very hush hush here, and it can cause many inflamed discussions. My sister in law in an ob-gyn and even though she herself does not perform abortions, she has saved many young girls from botched up abortions done in clandestine clinics. No need for gruesome details.
    Bringing children into this world is a daunting task, not to be taken lightly. Bluntly put, it is time consuming, it costs alot of money to raise kids, and as you humorously showed, some people are just not parental material.(The jury is still out on the Ronaldo/tranny/pregnant girlfriend case...only in Brazil)
    Unfortunately, the cocktail of hypocracy in the Church as well as the blatant un-education when it comes to family planning in Brazil has caused this vicious circle of poverty and population explosion.
    Did you know that birth control pills cost less than 4 dollars a month and condoms are available at public health clinics?
    I believe that with proper sex education and awareness, the number of unwanted pregnancies would decline considerably....


    Yes it is very difficult to know that this is the case when you see so many homeless babies on a day to day basis. I have to admit I am tempted on a daily basis to fill my apartment not with furniture but homeless babies.

    I find it interesting how our perspectives change with our surroundings - back home I preach AGAINST the birth control pill constantly as I don't think it's healthy for women. But compared to other scenarios, it does not seem so bad. Talk about Maslow's Hierarchy...

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